OPB Production Portfolio

American Passages: A Literary Survey provides professional development and classroom materials to enhance the study of American Literature in its cultural context. It is organized into 16 Units; each exploring canonical and re-discovered texts, and presenting the material through an Instructor Guide, a documentary series, literary texts and a study guide. The website includes a user-friendly composition tool for class assignments, and a searchable database of over 3000 primary source items cleared for classroom use. Developed in partnership with Annenberg/CPB, the W.W. Norton Anthology of American Literature, and the Crossroads Project of the American Studies Association.

American Passages was awarded the Gold for Educational Documentary in the Chicago Film Festival.

Artifacts & Fiction is a professional development workshop series that guides teachers through pairing primary source materials with American literature texts. The videos follow teachers through 9 workshop sessions, and then back into the classroom, as they develop new techniques for teaching literature in a historical context. The series includes a website with tutorials for teaching methods, and hands-on activities for workshop use. Developed in partnership with the National Council for Teachers of English, and Annenberg/CPB.

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