OPB Production Portfolio

America's History in the Making is a professional development course supporting teachers in the development of deeper content knowledge of American history. The 11-part series includes video episodes, online text chapters, 30 hours of workshop activities and a website with 5 interactives focused on developing historical thinking skills.

America's History in the Making was funded by a TAH grant from the US Department of Education, and created in partnership with the National Center for History in the Schools, the Organization of American Historians, and a nationwide consortium of school districts. Production is currently underway for Volume II.

Artifacts & Fiction is a professional development workshop series that guides teachers through pairing primary source materials with American literature texts. The videos follow teachers through 9 workshop sessions, and then back into the classroom, as they develop new techniques for teaching literature in a historical context. The series includes a website with tutorials for teaching methods, and hands-on activities for workshop use. Developed in partnership with the National Council for Teachers of English, and Annenberg/CPB

Bridging World History is a set of professional development and classroom materials supporting the study of world history thematically and chronologically. It includes 26 units, each with a half hour video, an online textbook chapter, and hands on activities to support a 3 credit distance education course. The website includes an interactive for viewing history thematically, and an audio glossary for pronunciations, and an archive of 1500 primary and secondary sources cleared for classroom use.

Bridging World History was developed in partnership with the College Board, the National Center for History in the Schools, The World History Network, The Journal of World History, The World History Association, The Center for History and New Media (George Mason University), The Center for World History at Northeastern University, and the National Council for Social Studies.

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